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Journalist says Man Utd hasn’t been ruled out signing Niguez

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According to ESPN’s Dermot Corrigan, the transfer of the Atletico Madrid footballer to the Red Devils is unlikely but has not been ruled out completely.

There have been some rumors that Manchester United is trying to sign Saul Niguez away from Atletico Madrid this summer.

And according to ESPN’s journalist Dermot Corrigan, the transfer might be unlikely, but the deal has not been ruled out completely.

“I think it’s really, really unlikely at this stage,” Corrigan was quoted by The Express.

“With Atletico, you can never say never but I was speaking to somebody very close to Saul yesterday who just told me there’s nothing happening.”

The journalist explained: “He’s always involved in transfer speculation and he would be a superb signing for Manchester United.”

“He’s a great player and I can see him fitting in really, really well at United.”

“Whether Pogba goes or not I think he would be a fantastic signing for United,” he added.

“But I was told there’s no chance, he’s going to stay Atletico. Atletico has no intention of letting him go.”

“He and Koke will be seen as the two real pillars now of this, what will hopefully be for them, a new Atletico team,” he said.

“Two homegrown midfielders who have been at the club since they were kids, who are really close to Simeone, who really get what Atletico is.”

“So it would be an even bigger disaster for them if Saul was to leave,” he commented.

“I think he’s happy to stay at the moment at Atletico and I don’t see him moving to United.”