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Joveljic wants to emulate Jovic at Frankfurt

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The new Eintracht Frankfurt striker is proud of being compared to his fellow Serbian footballer, but he knows he can do great things at the club.

Luka Jovic moved away from Eintracht Frankfurt to join Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga tournament.

And the German Bundesliga club acquired the services of 19-year-old wonderkid Dejan Joveljic, who has been compared to Jovic.

“Luka’s a top guy and a fantastic striker, but you mustn’t forget I’m two years younger,” Joveljic told the Bundesliga website.

“Maybe I reach his level in the future, but fundamentally I don’t want to be compared to anyone.”

“As soon as I got the offer, I said I wanted to go there,” he said.

“I spoke a lot about the club with Jovic and [Mijat] Gacinovic, too. Frankfurt is a big club, but they have a family feel at the same time.”

“I know I will improve here because Frankfurt invests a lot in young players,” he continued saying.

“I’m a central striker, who always works hard and knows where the goal is.”

Joveljic concluded: “I can score from anywhere, but I’m in my element in the penalty box.”