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Jovic is making 100% effort “to ruin” his own career

Luka Jovic, real Madrid
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Luka Jovic is apparently putting all his effort into the wrong things, as he is accused of doing all he can to ruin his own career.

Luka Jovic arrived at Real Madrid this past summer, as the golden boy of the Bundesliga and the Serbian national team.

After Real Madrid spent 60 million Euros on the 22-year-old, he was brought in to fill the shoes vacated by one Cristiano Ronaldo.

His career at the Santiago Bernabeu has been nothing short of a nightmare.

Since the La Liga season was suspended, all players were supposed to be on lock down, and working on thier fitness in isolation.

It appears even that was too much for Jovic to do right. He was recently in trouble with law enforcement for failing to abide by curfews put in place.

This has only served to add fuel to the fire surrounding his future in Madrid if he even has one.

Now a former Eintracht Frankfurt coach and fellow Serbian legend has weighed in on the discussion.

Speaking to Kurir Dragoslav Stepanovic is at a loss as to try and explain Jovic’s behavior.

He said:

“He is the only man who does one hundred percent to ruin his career!” 

“Jovic works against himself.”

“He was lucky that Adi Hutter gave him a shot at Eintracht.”

“Then made the biggest transfer in Serbia’s history and went to Madrid.”

“I can’t believe what the boy is doing to himself.”