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Jovic’s father: If he has to go to jail, he goes

Luka Jovic, Real Madrid
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Luka Jovic’s father has consented to his son facing criminal charges for neglecting coronavirus safety measures.

Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic allegedly ignored the coronavirus regulations and traveled to his homeland to attend his girlfriend’s birthday party.

The 22-year old was immediately reported by the local police and faced the risk of getting penalized for his fatal error.

However, Jovic later plead his innocence via social media that he had only visited the local supermarket. He also blamed the authorities for failing to provide clear instructions to him.

Recently, Speaking to Puls Online, as reported by Marca, his father also echoed his claims insisting that he was at home all the time.

“Luka had two [Coronavirus] tests done and he tested negative on both. That’s why he thought he could come to Serbia. Now it seems like he’s a major criminal,” Milan Jovic explained.

“If he has to go to jail, then he goes. I’m totally in agreement with the [Serbian] president and prime minister. But only if he’s guilty.

“I would support that decision if he’d done something wrong. But he arrived in Belgrade and stayed at home.”