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Juan Mata on how we are losing the essence of football

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Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata, spoke openly about how the modern era is making us lose sensibility about the essence of football.

As the most watched sport in the world, football seems to be losing its main essence thanks to the era of social media where people tend to worry about everything that surrounds the sport and less about the game itself according to Juan Mata.

Here at Ronaldo.com, we do pride ourselves to highlight the aspects of the sport rather than the banalest aspects of everything that happens around it.

Although we do talk about football apparel sometimes because we also love a nice collectible pair of football boots or the latest jersey, we do understand that the central part of our whole discourse needs to always revolve around the game.

Every now and then, along comes a football figure who likes to talk deeply about this concern of people slowly moving away from the essence of this beautiful game and shares his story with the hopes of possibly making an impact in all the people who are losing a sense of what football should be about.

Juan Mata is our savior for this week, the Spanish midfielder has a deep love for the craft and he always tries to write about any specific details that come to his mind through either his blog or during interviews.

This moment of clarity from Mata came during an interview on Guillem Valague’s BBC radio show, where he was promoting his initiative called ‘Common Goal’.

But the most interesting part of the conversation did revolve around Juan Mata’s passion for waxing poetic about the sport, which is something that we as football lovers should never forget.

Sometimes football players tend to get lost in all the marketing aspect of the game, they lose track of what’s really important and worry more about the business aspect of things. But players like Juan Mata do love sitting down and enjoying great football matches such as ‘El Clasico’.

“The Real Madrid v Barcelona game. I was watching it while chatting with Ander [Herrera] and David [de Gea] on WhatsApp, which is what we normally do.”

“For example, Benzema. You can have people who like him or not but, from my point of view, the way he plays, the way he controls the ball and makes the right decisions, plays with his back to goal, he is elegant and smart and you can see he understands the game.”

“I love that. We spoke about how many good players there were in that game. Modric, Busquets, Jordi Alba, Pique, Ramos, Benzema, many others.”

“They all played well and made the game a very high-level game. I enjoyed that conversation and I enjoy now telling you this, because for me that is the beauty of football.”

“When I was a kid we used to think about what happened on the pitch – the goals, the crosses, the control. I loved to speak about only what happened on the pitch.”

“The world changes and of course you have to adapt – we communicate differently to how we did 25 years ago – but there is a little bit of a risk, I think.”

“Many kids now focus on the boots and the shirts and it’s normal, it’s understandable from the way everything is shown.”

“But if you continue that path for many years I think football will lose its essence and that’s not good for anyone. Once that essence is lost, the shirts, the boots, everything will be meaningless.”

“Football will not be football as we know it. Speaking from inside the game, I think we should try to generate conversations about the football, not about the things that come from outside, like this tweet or this post.”

“No, let’s speak about things that happened in the game that are beautiful to watch – like a control, a pass, a one against two. I love to speak about these things,” said Juan during the interview.

Do you agree with Juan Mata’s thoughts about people losing their sensibility of what football should be about? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.