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Julen Lopetegui’s biggest challenges in Real Madrid

Julen Lopetegui
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Spanish manager Julen Lopetegui begins a new chapter in his career coaching Real Madrid, we tell you the biggest challenges he will face as Los Blancos’ boss.

After the awful manner in which Spanish Federation president Luis Rubiales sacked Julen Lopetegui from the Spain National Team, the now Real Madrid coach had no choice but to put up his chin and suck it up. There was no looking back for the Basque manager and a new exciting challenge came knocking on his door, Real Madrid was his next stop but he found several problems with the club that he will need to solve in order to get the best out of his players during the new season. The new La Liga season is about to begin and so far, Lopetegui has managed to put out some fires that were blazing through the club when he first arrived. The first problem he needed to solve was the Cristiano Ronaldo situation, an issue that was actually out of his hands but he still attempted to convince the Portuguese player to stay in the club with no luck.

Assigning the leaders in Real Madrid.

With Cristiano Ronaldo completely out of the picture as the main player on Real Madrid’s attack, Julen Lopetegui’s first major task is to assign the forward who is going to lead the squad to lift more trophies after the Zidane era. In the backline, we know that Sergio Ramos already has the leading role of pretty much the whole squad. But up front, Lopetegui has players like Isco or Gareth Bale who need to step up and take on that challenge by themselves. Most of us think it really is a no-brainer and Gareth Bale is the natural heir to Cristiano Ronaldo’s throne, but the boss is the one who has the final say of who can be the best-suited player to fill in those shoes. Another detail that we can’t ignore, is Florentino Perez’s plans to bring a landmark player from another club that could also share that leading responsibility with either Bale or Isco for the near future.

Making the players forget Zidane.

Perhaps the most challenging pending assignment that Julen Lopeteguihas at Real Madrid is making the players adapt to his methods of training and his leadership. Even he knows that trying to fill Zidane’s shoes will be impossible to do, looking at the challenge from a different perspective is what will end up helping him earn the trust of all the players who don’t know him from the Spanish National Team. Lopetegui has a decent resume he can show all the world-class players on his new squad in order to make them do what he requests, but the biggest situation he will have to deal with is coming up with the tactics that can convince everyone they are on the right track to winning trophies for another season. We can’t forget that convincing this Real Madrid team to stay hungry for titles will be difficult, they have been winning Champions League trophies for three consecutive years after all.

Tug of war with Florentino Perez.

Despite being the man who brought Lopetegui to Real Madrid in the first place, we can’t forget that Florentino Perez can get really bossy sometimes and his managers often tend to not agree with everything he requests. Another one of Julen’s challenges will consist on setting the rules of engagement between him and the club president, Zinedine Zidane quit the club precisely because he didn’t see eye to eye with Florentino on many different subjects. The first order of business they will clash over is the transfer window, because Lopetegui may have a very different idea compared to what Florentino has in store for the club in the next few seasons. We can’t forget that it was Perez the one who put Los Blancos back on the map in two different eras, he is the one who calls the shots in the White House and he is the one with the skills to keep Real Madrid as successful as ever. If Lopetegui wants to keep his job, he will have to play nice with Florentino despite not agreeing with him all the time.

What other challenges Lopetegui has with Real Madrid do you think we missed fro this list? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.