Julian Brandt reflects on Germany career

After shining in the Bundesliga on a consistent basis, Julian Brandt has become an influential member of the national team and spoke about the experience.

At the age of 23, Julian Brandt is arguably one of the best players Germany have at the moment. The youngster recently signed for Borussia Dortmund from Bayer Leverkusen. Brandt would be eager to make an immediate impact at the Signal Iduna Park.

After being one of the better players in Germany’s otherwise dismal 2018 World Cup campaign, Brandt is a regular for the national team. He has so far played 25 games for Die Manschaaft, he feels that the players need to take more responsibility.

“We should give ourselves time until the 2020 European Championship. We have to grow together, to get to know each other. What’s special is that now we have a lot of responsibility to take on,” the youngster said while speaking to Sport Bild.

And Brandt is also very demanding of himself and wants to keep improving as a player.

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“I’m not a really talkative guy like Joshua Kimmich, not even like Thomas Muller who is joking all the time. But i know realize how I want to go about in training. I see it as my duty to make a contribution and to help the team dominate. You have to be a player who other can orient themselves around.”

And Brandt feels that it would be great if he could step into Mesut Ozil’s shoes.

“Mesut was someone you did not hear so often on the pitch. But he was able to change the game and give it a direction. In some moments he could literally change things with a killer pass. That’s also my approach.”

Brandt also added that it wasn’t easy for him to leave Bayer Leverkusen but admitted that it was an important move for his career.


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