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Julian Nagelsmann or “mini Mourinho” as he is sometimes known

Mourinho, Nagelsmann
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Julian Nagelsmann is the manager of RB Leipzig, tonight he preparing to face the manager who he himself is inspired by.

Nagelsmann is extremely young in managerial terms, he is only 32-years-old. He gains may traits from other more experienced managers. Klopp and Tuchel have been huge influences on him

But perhaps his greatest inspiration comes from another source.

His RB Leipzig side is preparing to face his role models Tottenham’s side in the Champions League.

The German tactician by his own admission is an avid Mourinho fan and has molded his managerial style around what he has learned from “the special one.”

Speaking to Goal he recalls how it was early in Mourinho’s career that really got a hold of him.

He said:

“During his time at Porto, he really shaped me.”

“How he won the UEFA Cup and the Champions League a year later.”

“At that time he was also a very young coach who was not a big player himself before and had a similar career like myself.”

“It was exciting for me to see and I also copied a few things.”

These similarities have seen him dubbed “mini Mourinho” by some