Juninho believes Lyon can eliminate FC Barcelona

Former Lyon star Juninho Pernambucano, is convinced that FC Barcelona could actually lose against this version of the French squad.

As FC Barcelona faces another massive test in the Champions League’s Round of 16, Lyon’s legend Juninho wanted to motivate all the players from the French squad to pull off another feat like the one that AS Roma achieved last season.

The Catalan club arrived overly confident to the match last season, this time it was the quarterfinals and they got a major surprise by getting eliminated on this stage for the first time in a row.

Juninho is well aware of this weakness that FC Barcelona showed in the last two seasons, which is why he urged all the Lyon players to step up their game and deliver a historic performance next year when they play against the Catalan club.

“This squad is capable to compete against Barça and eliminate them. Barça is still Barça though, this squad has given everybody a good example,” said Juninho via Mundo Deportivo.

“Players like Dembele, Rakitic, Luis Suarez, Coutinho, Messi… are footballers from another planet, even though the team is a little bit younger now.”

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“Their formation still leaves a lot of free spaces on the pitch. Lyon has to play focused, but we are going to have good chances if we get a clean sheet on the first leg.”

“All I regret during our time is that we never really believed we could defeat Barcelona, it’s no use playing football if you come out from the locker room with the idea that you are going to lose,” he added.


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