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Jürgen Klopp doesn’t want to take sides on the Özil-Germany debate

during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group F match between Korea Republic and Germany at Kazan Arena on June 27, 2018 in Kazan, Russia.

The Liverpool manager was questioned about the whole situation regarding Mesut Özil and his decision to retire from international football, he decided to not take any sides.

Mixing politics with football has always been a very bad idea because most of the times this happens, one of the parties involved in the problem ends up as a scapegoat. German midfielder Mesut Özil made the mistake of taking a picture with Turkey president Erdogan alongside national team compatriot Ilkay Gündogan, this had a very negative effect that ended with Özil’s public retirement from the German team through a letter in which he criticized everybody who fired at him and even accused them of being racist.

Days after the whole situation blew out of proportion, ESPN FC sat down with Liverpool German manager Jürgen Klopp and asked his opinion on the matter: “I read all the things, I heard all the things and I really don’t think anyone is one hundred percent right about it and I don’t have any right thing to say about it either. It’s a personal decision to first of all if you don’t want to play with Germany it’s okay, other players did this as well and he had 92 games,” said Klopp about Özil’s decision to leave the German National Team the way he did.

However, Klopp decided to not speak his mind completely about the content of this letter that Özil wrote by saying: “But regarding the rest I don’t really understand it 100%, yes the picture was more than unlucky but you can find true things in what he wrote but you will also find a few things that the rest of the world will say that’s not exactly like it is. But it’s a personal opinion and he has the right to step back from the national team as well as the right to his personal opinion,” said Klopp to ESPN FC.