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Jurgen Klopp finally got his sweet revenge against Bayern

FC Bayern Muenchen v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg
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After his smashing win against Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena, manager Jurgen Klopp finally got the sweet taste of revenge he hoped for.

Maybe some of you don’t remember, but Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was looking to get some sweet revenge against Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

One of the biggest defeats in the German manager’s career came in a Champions League final against the Bavarian club, it took place back when Klopp was still coaching Borussia Dortmund in a night that Klopp will never forget.

As the first of two Champions League finals that he has already lost, Jurgen really expected to at least find the sweet taste of vengeance from that first time that this prestigious trophy was denied to him.

The challenge wasn’t going to be easy but his players lived up to the expectations, they produced the best performance of the season and left the manager completely mesmerized by their performance.

Klopp was so excited, that he even issued the rest of the clubs a warning because he truly believes that this Liverpool side is going to fight for the main the trophies this season and the Champions League is no exception.

Perhaps people still haven’t realized the scope of what the Reds achieved last night, they scored three goals at Bayern’s stadium and did what many clubs in Europe haven’t been able to accomplish.

“I was really happy with how strong the second half was, how mature it was. How much football we played. Bayern has so much quality, unbelievable, and we impressed them and that’s a massive thing,” said Klopp via The Mirror.

“Scoring three goals here is massive, and a big step for us. We will see what we can do with it but it is a fantastic sign.”

“We set a mark for LFC tonight that we are back on the international landscape as a football club. It’s important for where we want to get to.”

“That makes me really proud and happy because I think his club deserves recognition and awareness again. We are back – that’s good, we have a lot to learn but we are back.”

“We are back – there is no doubt we are back again.”

“Sadio’s quality and importance is so obvious I don’t really have to speak about it. Remind me after the season is over and I sing my own song about him if necessary!” he added.

“He’s in a good moment let me say it like this – long may it continue! That’s my only concern.”

“It’s brilliant for Virg – he was involved in the goal of Bayern as well so what a night! I can write a book about his skills, his strength, how much I like him and what a fantastic person he is.”

“Virgil knows he can play better than he did tonight, we can play better than we did tonight but in the second half we showed we played as good as necessary and is possible in a game like this.”


After hearing what the manager had to say about his players’ performances, it is clear that he is feeling a very special connection to each and every one of them but Virgil van Dijk is the one true hero of the night for scoring that second goal that proved vital for Liverpool during the second half.

The Dutch defender already is one of the best defenders in the world, but playing like this could bring him to become one of the best players of the season regardless of what position he plays on the pitch.

If the Reds manage to win both trophies by the end of the season, there is no doubt that the player who should be at least nominated to win the Ballon d’Or should be this incredible defender.

A centre-back winning the biggest individual award of the year doesn’t really happen, the last one to do it was Fabio Cannavaro nearly 13 years ago.

Van Dijk certainly is doing everything right this season to at least be considered for the Top 10 within the list of nominees for this prestigious award.


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