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Jurgen Klopp finds Harvey Elliot’s hairstyles amusing

Harvey Elliot
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Harvey Elliot has been given first-team opportunities which should increase next year but it is his hairstyles that entertain Jurgen Klopp the most. 

Elliot is seventeen years old but made eight appearances for Liverpool’s first team. The youngster is tipped for a great future at Anfield as many hope that he will wow fans with his performances. 

Raised in Fulham’s youth academy, the exciting winger has made a strange vow. He will cut off his hair only after getting on the scoreboard for Liverpool. 

This has seen Elliot being creative with his long hair, occasionally supporting a man bun amongst other styles. 

There is no doubt that Jurgen Klopp is impressed with his skills but the Chertsey native believes his hairstyles make him smile more. 

“It’s not a popular haircut. Some people think, ‘Why’s he got it like that?’ but I like it,” Daily Star quoted Elliot.

“I don’t think Jurgen’s a big fan. Sometimes I’ve come in with it tied up in a bit of a new style and he has just looked at it and started laughing.”

“I’ve promised the lads that when I score my first professional goal, it’s coming off.”

“Hopefully, I won’t have too long to wait. I can’t wait for next season to start.”