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Jurgen Klopp is proud of all the Liverpool players

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp didn’t have a choice but to accept his defeat against Barcelona, he still felt incredibly proud of his players.

Liverpool made everybody in England feel like they actually had a chance against FC Barcelona during the recent weeks, but their dreams were squashed at Camp Nou tonight.

The initial plan was to get Lionel Messi as far from the ball as possible, something that initially worked but the Argentine player quickly opposed.

The first half gave us a demonstration of how much Leo Messi wants to win the Champions League this season, we saw him defending on his own territory when Liverpool was on the ball.

Perhaps Jurgen Klopp didn’t imagine that Leo would want to make this effort but the Barcelona captain is on a mission.

The Reds managed to get Messi a little bit tired during the first half and they prevented him from scoring a goal, but they couldn’t do the same with Luis Suarez.

Klopp himself warned the press that only focusing on Messi was a huge mistake because Barcelona had many world-class players to worry about.

Perhaps the manager was already preparing us for his possible demise, he knew the hell he was getting himself into.

Today’s match proves that Barcelona is currently an unbeatable squad and the team that tries to reach them has a lot of work to do.

Liverpool really was one of the few clubs that could’ve done it, but facts spoke for themselves last night.

Klopp’s assessment of the result.

Right after the match, Jurgen Klopp spoke about the mistakes his team made and how important Messi was for Barcelona.

“It’s OK to lose away in the Champions League as long as you score a goal, we didn’t and that’s a problem,” Klopp said via Sky Sports.

“That makes our life not easy. My boys gained a lot of respect again for the way they played and how they’ve developed.”

“I had so much fun watching that game but we lost it. That’s not fun. But I’ve been in this business for a long time and I have learned to accept.”

“These boys never give up. I love that. But there’s no party in that dressing room. We will use the game to show the boys how important it was for their development.”

“I really think it was the best away game we’ve played in the Champions League – it’s an important message for us.”

“In those moments, he is unstoppable – we couldn’t defend the free-kick,” he added.

“He’s a world-class player. His second goal wasn’t the greatest goal in the career of Lionel Messi but it shows his skills. He is there in that moment.”

“I was happy with how we defended against all of the Barca team, including Messi. I am a bit admirer of him but my boys didn’t show too much respect. They tried with completely legal things, we played football.”

Is everything lost for Liverpool at Anfield?

Perhaps there is a mild chance of Liverpool getting back into the series next Tuesday, they would have to score at least two goals in the first 20 minutes of the match.

The Kop fans would have to pour their souls on this game and support their squad throughout the 90 minutes.

But more importantly, all the Liverpool supporters know that they need to apply pressure on Lionel Messi if they want to prevent him from scoring any more goals.

It’s a fact that the Barcelona captain doesn’t play as well away as he does in front of his crowd.

Jurgen Klopp will try to motivate all his players as much as he can for that second match, but we can already tell you this will be a nearly impossible mission.

Thinking about a match in which Barcelona won’t score a goal regardless of where they play is unheard of this season.

However, hope is the one to die last and we trust all the Liverpool supporters will stand behind their players no matter what.

The Reds have to recover from this massive blow as quickly as possible because they are still fighting for the Premier League.

They will have to visit Newcastle on Saturday and get three more points with the hope that Leicester City can take at least two points from Manchester City on Sunday.

How much could this result affect Liverpool’s performance against Newcastle next Saturday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.