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Jurgen Klopp takes Lionel Messi’s promise as a threat

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Ahead of the crucial match between FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC, Jurgen Klopp recalled that Lionel Messi Champions League promise.

With the crucial and exciting Champions League match between Liverpool and FC Barcelona, Jurgen Klopp issued a challenge to Leo Messi.

The German manager confirmed that he is very aware of what the potential Champions League rivals are up to from the very start of the season.

Reaching the tournament’s final last year gave him a new sense of responsibility that made him study all the other squads that Liverpool could meet at this stage of the competition.

The Reds’ boss wants everything to work out this time, he knows the team is better prepared to win a trophy than they were last season and he doesn’t want to miss any opportunities.

The next rival is Barcelona and he knows that the biggest obstacle will be figuring out how to stop Lionel Messi, who is on a mission to win the fifth Champions League of his career.

Klopp remembers when Messi delivered the speech from the start of the season where he promised to win this competition.

The German manager always wants to drop a headline to the hungry press and today was no exception.

He knew that many of the media members would love him talking about the threat that is Leo Messi.

With the Reds visiting Camp Nou for the first time since the 2006-07 season, Jurgen Klopp has been dropping quite a few bombs ahead of today’s match.

He already stated that he doesn’t think this stadium is a “Temple of Football” as a way to taunt all the Barcelona supporters, but he still wanted to taunt Messi.

We are not sure if provoking the best player in the world is the best idea but Jurgen Klopp didn’t care and he still did it anyway.

The manager spoke to the press ahead of the match against Barcelona, he reminded people of that promise Messi made to his supporters and explained the approach he could take to stop him.

“Messi said that they wanted to bring back this cup. That sounded already like a threat to me!” said Klopp via The Daily Mail.

“Now we are here, we want to go to the final as well. It is not only about Messi, but it is about Messi of course.”

“Can we concentrate on Messi? We should, in certain moments. But then they have 10 world class players around who can decide the game.”

“They have the highest quality team, they are already Spanish champions. It is home advantage for Barcelona first and we have the home advantage next Tuesday.”

“We will see who can use the advantage more.”


Firmino could feature against Barcelona

On another note, we have to talk about Liverpool’s front three ahead of this match, specifically about Roberto Firmino.

The Brazilian forward has been injured for the better part of the last two weeks and we didn’t know if he would be able to play against FC Barcelona.

Jurgen Klopp previously confirmed that the player was doing everything he could to return to top form before the match.

However, the striker had this Tuesday as the last day to make the proper tests that would let us all know if he was fit to perform.

From the very start of the practice at Barcelona, the press was eager to know if Firmino would step into the pitch alongside his teammates.

The images confirm that ‘Bobby’ seems fit to play on Wednesday and he may even start the game alongside Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane up front.

This comes as great news for all the Liverpool fans, who consider Firmino a talisman for the Reds’ success during the last couple of years and they were hoping he could be ready to play against the Catalan club.

Defenders Gerard Pique and Clement Lenglet will have a very difficult day on Wednesday, they are facing the best attacking-trio in the world right now.

How do you think Liverpool will try to stop Lionel Messi later today? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.