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Just how bad was United against City?

Sir Alex Ferguson,
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It’s no secret Manchester United had a bad night against Manchester City on Tuesday, but apparently things were so bad Sir Alex Ferguson and Ed Woodward hid

Sir Alex Ferguson spent 26 years at the helm of Manchester United and he witnessed some great and some terrible matches.

We have heard the stories of his hairdryer treatment when things were bad. There was even an instance of a flying football boot when a certain David Beckham wasn’t doing his job.

United put on a shambolic performance against City in the Carabao Cup to take things to a whole new level of low.

According to the Mirror, sources close to the club insist that things were that bad both Sir Alex and CEO Ed Woodward hid

In fact, things were that bad on Tuesday against City, rumor has it Sir Alex left the director’s box and went to his office.

There may have even been a lonely glass or two of wine to drown his sorrows.

Woodward couldn’t walk away so easily, he simply buried his head in his hands. Perhaps in the hope that nobody else could see him or the shambolic performance out on the hallowed turf of Old Trafford.

The source said:

“The director’s lounge wasn’t a good place to be at half time from a United point of view.”

“All Sir Alex wanted to do was go straight to his office.”

“He couldn’t face anyone and was determined to be somewhere else.”

“While Mr. Woodward just had his head in his hands.”

The clubs manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted it was “the worst” he had seen his team play.

Thankfully they improved in the second half. But if we are honest that wasn’t difficult considering how bad they were.

The scenes after the derby a couple of weeks earlier were very different though.