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‘Juve’ women were not allowed to talk about Ronaldo’s rape case


According to Petronella Ekroth being with the Bianconeri felt like being “in prison” as she returned to her native Sweden.

Petronella Ekroth played for Juventus last season, helping the Bianconeri women lift the Scudetto.

Now she’s back at her native Sweden with team Djurgardens.

But when she spoke about what it was being at Juventus, she didn’t have the best impression.

“I tried to look at things with a broader perspective, improving as a footballer and as a human being,” said the defender according to Football Italia.

“In the end, I was right to stay, even if there were several strange things going on. My vision of how to treat people is different from theirs.”

“I don’t think foreign women players were treated like Italian women. There were situations where I sometimes wondered if I was on Candid Camera. Then I got used to it,” she added.

“I understand that there are different ways to manage things, but some of them aren’t good.”

“We were forbidden to talk about the case. We stayed silent and we couldn’t mention it. The only thing to do was keep a low profile and work towards the club’s values,” she continued talking about Cristiano Ronaldo’s alleged rape case.

“I kept myself closeted because I felt that my opinions didn’t count. It felt a bit like I was in prison. I really couldn’t do everything I wanted.”

Ekroth tried to explain: “You can show one side of the coin, but there is much more that remains hidden, things that unfortunately can’t be talked about, shown and so on.”

“You’re very limited in so many things. Some things you can do and others you can’t, which isn’t good.”

“I felt like I could lose a part of myself. It was difficult,” she concluded.