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Juventus and Atletico share points at the Metropolitano

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With a 2-2 thrilling result at the Wanda Metropolitano, Atletico Madrid and Juventus FC shared points on Group D.

The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium was packed to receive Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus back in the UEFA Champions League, Atletico Madrid was ready for a new challenge.

We can’t start this match report without pointing out the obvious, the Colchoneros were eliminated from the competition last season by this same squad.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick at Juventus Stadium in the knock-out stage’s return leg, this had the fans waiting for Ronaldo to pressure him throughout the 90 minutes.

The dominant team during the first half was Juventus, they completed a surprising performance against Diego Simeone’s familiar defensive team.

However, no goals came until the second half. The final 45 minutes of the game were extremely exciting for any football fan, it didn’t matter if they cheered for Juventus or Atletico Madrid.

Tonight’s game was the most entertaining of the Champions League debut this season by far, the first goal was an ideal way to start this exhibition from both squads.

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado scored a beauty from a distance that gave Juventus the upper hand, Juventus controlled the creative aspect of the game.

Diego Simeone made his players grow stronger during set-pieces, that’s where the Colchoneros completely controlled the game.

With 25 minutes left on the game, Blaise Matuidi scored a second goal for Juventus with a header after an Alex Sandro assist.

The Colchoneros only had 20 minutes to rescue the result, they never gave up and the fans kept supporting them throughout the whole match.

The man who changed the outcome of the game was Dejan Savic, who scored after a set-piece when Jose Maria Gimenez assisted him with another header.

During those final 20 minutes with a 2-1 result in Juventus’ favor, the Italians grew stronger and Cristiano Ronaldo finally left a few details of his quality.

We could see both the Portugal legend and young Joao Felix getting some important chances with no luck.

The strikers didn’t really play an important role in this match, defenders and midfielders did.

Matthijs de Ligt was on point during his duels with all the forwards, but he couldn’t prevent the set-pieces from hurting his side.

Ronaldo also had a particular duel with Savic and Gimenez, with both defenders coming out victorious during most of the times they faced the Portuguese star.

The final minutes were dominated by Juventus, but Atletico Madrid was patient enough to wait for the right moment to strike.

Herrera makes his triumphant debut.

We need to dedicate a whole section of this match report to Mexican Hector Herrera, a midfielder who just got his chance to shine from Diego Simeone against Juventus.

From the very first ball that he touched after coming on the pitch to replace Thomas Partey, Herrera was sharper than ever.

The Tijuana-born player knew that he needed to deliver a perfect performance with the 15 minutes he had on the pitch.

That time was more than enough for Hector to leave his impression, he sent a potent shot wide by inches and he would score the equalizer in the end.

The moment came during a corner kick for Atletico Madrid that was taken by Trippier, Herrera struck the ball with a header that saved a pint for the Colchoneros in a superb match at the Metropolitano.

Cristiano Ronaldo had the chance to score the winning goal during the very last minute, he went past four defenders and took a shot that went wide by an inch.

The Portuguese legend had the chance to get the last laugh but he wasted it, Atletico salvaged a point and Juventus was denied of a victory they completely deserved.

For the second games of the tournament inside Group D, Atletico visits Lokomotiv Moscow, and Juventus gets a visit from Bayer Leverkusen.

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