Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo make Serie A history

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t get to score his 600th club goal but he did help Juventus win its 8th consecutive Serie A title in football history.

It was just last summer when Cristiano Ronaldo set out to make history in Serie A by signing a contract with Juventus FC.

The Portuguese forward was coming from a spectacular spell in Real Madrid where he literally won everything he could.

Despite being 34 years of age, Ronaldo’s hunger for titles is still intact as he proved it today.

It was the ideal moment for the Portuguese forward to proclaim himself league champion in Italian football and make history.

No other player had ever won the domestic competition in the three major European leagues.

There are two players who have won leagues in four different countries but none of them won in the three major competitions.

Arjen Robben won the Eredivisie with PSV, the Premier League with Chelsea, La Liga with Real Madrid, and the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich throughout his career.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic won the Eredivisie with Ajax, Serie A with three different Italian clubs, La Liga with FC Barcelona, and the French Ligue 1 with PSG.

Cristiano Ronaldo makes history today after winning the Premier League with Manchester United, La Liga with Real Madrid, and now Serie A with Juventus.

The match against Fiorentina

But getting to this milestone wouldn’t be easy, Juventus was facing Fiorentina at Allianz Arena in Turin.

The locals began losing the game after an early goal scored by Milenkovic.

The Viola squad managed to hold this result for the better part of the first half but the Juventus fans kept pushing hard for that equalizer.

The key moment finally came just seven minutes before half time through a Miralem Pjanic corner kick that Alex Sandro headed home.

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Juventus had at least a point in the bag but they were after the title and Cristiano Ronaldo was the man who wanted to bring it to the club.

The Portuguese player was himself throughout the whole 90 minutes, he had several opportunities with no fortune in front of goal.

Early in the second half though, Ronaldo drove a ball to the end line and sent a precise cross that met the leg of a Fiorentina defender.

Pezzella was the unfortunate soul that was effectively handing Juventus the Serie A title after that Cristiano intervention.

This would be more than enough for the Vecchia Signora to finish the match and celebrate the Serie A championship.

Eternal Juventus

Juventus also made history with this new trophy.

The Vecchia Signora became the first club in any European league’s history to win 8 consecutive domestic titles, a massive achievement for the Italians.

Now that the biggest target is finally out of the way for Juventus, it’s time for all the players to focus on getting Cristiano Ronaldo that top-scorer title.

If the Portuguese player manages to win this individual title, he will make double history by becoming the only player who won the league and top-scorer titles in the three major European leagues.

Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to become this player, he needs one of those unique records that no other player ever got in history.

This would make him join the other two Ronaldos who also have a unique record all by themselves.

Ronaldo Nazario is the only player who has ever scored goals in the Spanish El Clasico and the Milano Derby while wearing the jerseys from the four clubs.

Ronaldinho is the only Ballon d’Or recipient in history who has won every single trophy with his club or country in both the American and European continents.

This unique milestone will finally get us another pleasure to enjoy from legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.

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