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Juventus and Fiorentina show two different sides of the game

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Juventus and Fiorentina played a draw where the hosts could have even lost the game had the away team showed a bit more composure.

Juventus have finally dropped their first point of the new season after they were held to an entertaining 0-0 draw by Fiorentina.

This was the first time Maurizio Sarri was in charge of the reigning Italian champions after missing the opening two weeks due to pneumonia. However, this was a team that was far away from the side that demolished Napoli in their previous encounter.

Juventus were very slow when they had the ball, didn’t do enough to help out their main players. A lot of risks were being taken at the back. There was a reminder that this is still the same team that Massimiliano Allegri led to multiple Scudetti.

Sarri yet to own Juventus

Juventus brought Sarri to Turin in order to introduce a more attacking brand of football. However, it appears that there is a mixture of ideology at the moment with two different mentalities clashing for ascendance.

The team had adopted perhaps the worst qualities of both men. In past, Juventus never really played entertaining football under Allegri but almost always came away with a win. In his time, La Viola managed to only win once and the 0-0 draw was also Allegri’s first outing as the club’s coach. This could be a good omen but we can’t really bank on that.

After seeing Juventus dominated Napoli for a major chunk of the game, it wasn’t really nice seeing the reigning champions dish out such a flat performance.

Fiorentina made the visitors look like a mid-table side which would also pose question marks over the credentials of Sarri as the man who would take this club to the next level which is based around dominating Europe.

While it is still early to start drawing conclusions, it is clear that Juventus will struggle a lot away from home. At least initially!

Montella come back stronger while Ribery turns back the clock

Back in 2012 when he was in charge of Fiorentina for the first time, Vincenzo Montella played without a real centre forward. At that time, nobody really understood the upside of this dynamic. Today however, it is clear that the former Roma striker has two players up front who can come in deeper and orchestrate play alongside midfielders.

Fiorentina dominated possession due to this style of play. Federico Chiesa and Franck Ribery started the game up front and it was the Frenchman who showed just how effective he is even though his career is definitely coming towards its conclusion.

Throughout the 90 minutes, Fiorentina had a lot of men at the heart of the game. A packed midfield meant that Juventus didn’t have a lot of options and struggled to get the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo et al in the game.

However, without a real finisher, La Viola might struggle to turn great performances into regular wins.

For Juventus, it is clearly a period of transition, one that hasn’t been discussed a lot but should be.