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Juventus expected Cristiano Ronaldo in low form

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Inside information from the Juventus camp talks about the real reason behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s lack of goals during his first ever Serie A season.

Yes, it’s already been three matches with Cristiano Ronaldo not scoring any goals on his first ever Serie A season playing for Juventus. But there is a whole reasoning behind all that logic that we all have been wondering about and maybe some of you readers have already figured out by now, the Portuguese forward has a whole plan in motion that will allow him to become an even more important footballer in football history, if that’s even possible… We can already trace the past seasons he’s been playing for Real Madrid in the last nine years to see what he’s been about in regards to his physical condition, there is no denying that Cristiano Ronaldo has gradually changed the way in which he prepares for every single season due to his advanced age for a well-established football player like himself. We tend to forget that under all those muscles and talent to play the beautiful sport, we have a normal human being who has just as many preoccupations as any other person would have.

Due to his legendary stature, we might think that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have that same aging process that any other athlete would manifest during his or her career but Ronaldo is flesh and bone just like everybody else. So as time has gone by for a top performance athlete like himself, Cristiano Ronaldo has understood that he needs to modify many of the physical care methods he used growing up as a professional in order to get a better efficiency of every performance. As time went by at Real Madrid, everybody started noticing how Cristiano Ronaldo suddenly stopped doing the same dribbles as he did when he was younger and how his speed diminished in time. The Cristiano Ronaldo we knew during his years as a Red Devils were passed behind him and the man understood that perfectly, he knew that in order to stay in the elite he would have to start looking at new methods that would need to modify many of his traditions as a high-performance athlete.

Zidane’s influence on Ronaldo’s change of heart.

At Real Madrid Ronaldo was able to understand that past his 30, he would have to prepare for the rest of the season un a different manner. Cristiano’s performance level difference started to manifest just a year before French manager Zinedine Zidane arrived as the manager of the club, as a proper football legend himself, ‘Zizou’ was able to get through to Ronaldo about his physical care routine and managed to get the very best out of him during his last three seasons at Real Madrid. At Juventus now as the most important transfer in the last decade, Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t produced the results people expect from him exactly but the Juventus staff knows exactly why this is. Turns out that there is a specific plan to get the very best of Cristiano Ronaldo during the most important stages of the season when the titles are in line. This pretty much exactly as the final years the Portuguese forward had at Real Madrid.

We had the chance to speak directly to one of the staff members at the Italian club who tend to Cristiano Ronaldo every day since he arrived, they speak about the very same program he learned during his time at Real Madrid: “Cristiano Ronaldo himself has taken this type of preparation a step further because he has studied the evolution of his body with the Real Madrid experts and he has learned to adapt his working schedule. As the years have gone by for Cristiano, he has learned to control himself more given that he no longer has the same energy from the first days. He has considered that trying to get in shape from the very start of the season could eventually backfire and even carry some risks due to the whole fatigue probability and injury danger, would increase during the most decisive part of the season in spring. This is the main reason why he has modified his preparation plans for every season a little more lately.” said the source from inside Juventus.

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