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Juventus has a plan to lure Cristiano Ronaldo’s successor

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It appears Juventus will try to attempt one of the biggest transfer swaps in football history with Cristiano Ronaldo as their trading chip. 

Juventus has big plans in order to lure Cristiano Ronaldo’s successor to the club, but that might mean sacrificing their star. Given his advanced age for a footballer, the Italian giants understand that Cristiano doesn’t have too many years left at the highest level. Their intention might be to capitalize on his final years in order to lure his natural successor to the club.

We are talking about the most important transfer swap in football history. Tuttosport revealed an explosive cover this week that details Juventus’ plans to lure none other than Kylian Mbappe from PSG. The master plan is to use Ronaldo as a trading chip in order to lower the French forward’s price tag in a deal that would go up to nearly €400 million.

If Juventus manages to pull this one off, they might get in the way of Real Madrid’s master plan. Cristiano Ronaldo might also agree to play a part in this given his previous years with no success at the Italian club. He might be looking for a way out if he doesn’t win the Champions League this season, which is highly unlikely anyway. 

This deal could get in the way of Messi’s transfer to PSG. 

We previously told you that PSG could strike a major deal for Leo Messi that also involves Kylian Mbappe. However, this new potential deal with Juventus could completely spoil the plan of getting Messi and Neymar back together. Real Madrid is pushing hard to sign Kylian Mbappe and they are willing to offer cash for the youngster.

This money would instantly help the French club pay a hypothetical wage for the Barcelona star. However, getting Ronaldo can also be a good choice for them. The Portuguese star is dead set on prolonging his career until he is 40 years old. If we were talking about a different player, perhaps thinking this was possible would be bonkers. But this is Ronaldo we are talking about, the man is a fitness machine.

As far as Mbappe is concerned, all the young star wants is to become the best player in the world. In order to achieve this ambition, Kylian will go to the club where he has the biggest opportunity to make it happen.