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Juventus has everything to win the Champions League

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Let’s break down Juventus’ whole squad that will fight to win all the trophies next season, but they are obviously going for the Champions League.

Nobody dares question Juventus‘ claim to compete for the UEFA Champions League next season, they armed themselves to the teeth this summer.

It all started last season when Cristiano Ronaldo was still playing his first season with the club, the club’s board knew that they wouldn’t be too competitive but they were hopeful for the future.

Their first major scouting gig was in England with Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey, a very talented Welsh midfielder who didn’t hesitate to sign his contract.

Juventus continued with manager Maurizio Sarri, a man who proved himself last season with Chelsea and will have all the toys to play with this season.

The coach himself has repeatedly spoken about how much he loves what the club is doing in regards to new transfers.

Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved continued their buying spree with a player who came for free, Adrien Rabiot also didn’t hesitate to move to Juventus and form one of the most impressive midfield lines in Europe.

Alongside Ramsey and Miralem Mjanic, this squad will have a field trip throughout the season in all competitions.

This is exactly the type of talent that Cristiano Ronaldo was looking for, he won’t have to worry about going back to recover the ball anymore.

Both of those midfielders came as free transfers, just like Gianluigi Buffon did earlier this month.

Centre-back renewal.

Juventus also made a buying spree of several young centre-backs who will be part of the club’s renovation, great players for accessible prices.

The club signed left-back Luca Pellegrini from AS Roma for €22 million, they got centre-back Christian Romero from Genoa for €26 million, and centre-back Merih Demiral from Sassuolo for €18 million.

If you did your math right, that is a €66 million investment for three U-21 defensive players.

The future already looked bright for Juventus’ backline with these three players, but the piece de resistance was still coming and it left everybody’s jaws on the floor.

It all started at the UEFA Nations League final as you all know, with Cristiano Ronaldo inviting Matthijs de Ligt to go play with him at Juventus.

At first, this wasn’t considered a huge deal because we all believed the player had a done deal with FC Barcelona.

However, agent Mino Riola had other plans and Ronaldo’s invitation completely seduced the young Dutchman.

With his €75 million transfer, we can easily state that Juventus truly has one of the most competitive sides in Europe for next season.

Ronaldo demanded a more competitive squad last season, and that’s exactly what he is getting.

Will Juventus sign more offensive players?

This one is hard to call, for the Old Lady already has a great set of players upfront that was their strongest asset last season.

It’s not just Ronaldo on the attack, they also have Paulo Dybala, Mario Mandzukic, Douglas Costa, youngster Moise Kean, and Gonzalo Higuain’s return from Chelsea.

We must not forget that the best season ‘Pipita’ ever lived during his career, was under manager Maurizio Sarri.

Chances are that the Argentine will form a partnership with Cristiano again, just like they did in the old days when they shared a dressing room at Real Madrid.

If Juventus went after an offensive player, they would only go for another world-class winger who can play on the right.

So far, Juventus has only spent €141 million this summer. Perhaps spending another hundred is within the realm of possibility, but they are already one of the strongest sides in Europe as they are.

With Cristiano Ronaldo as their main star, this Juventus side has all the elements to win all the trophies next season and finally win that elusive Champions League.

Perhaps Gianluigi Buffon will finally get his wish to win the only trophy that is missing from his cabinet, he certainly has all the tools to get it.

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