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Top 5 problems that are ruining Juventus this season

Top 5 problems that are ruining Juventus this season
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4.  Ronaldo is the only goalscorer

Cristiano Ronaldo

When you have a great talent like Cristiano Ronaldo in the team, it guarantees plenty of goals each season. But even the Portuguese superstar must be dumbfounded by what he’s seeing out there.

Life in Turin is very different from Real Madrid in many ways.

One of the most obvious ones is how it’s only Ronaldo who seems capable of finding the back of the net. He has scored 20 league goals, which is vastly superior to Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain’s tallies.

It’s also becoming bluntly obvious that Juventus have no focal point in their attack anymore. Mario Mandzukic left in December, and Higuain’s best days seem to be behind him now. The 33-year-old’s hold-up play isn’t inspiring much confidence.

Allowing Mandzukic to leave for Qatar was clearly a mistake.