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Top 5 problems that are ruining Juventus this season

Top 5 problems that are ruining Juventus this season
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1. Sarriball not working for Juventus

Maurizio Sarri, Juventus
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Everyone was surprised when Sarri landed the biggest coaching job in Italy last summer. It almost came out of the blue and left us all wondering how he swayed the Juventus board.

Over halfway into the season, the problems we feared Sarri’s arrival would bring have all come true.

The squad has struggled all season in adapting to the 61-year-old’s methods. Overall, it’s led to a drop in performance levels compared to the last term under Massimiliano Allegri.

The Bianconeri got off to a bright start in Serie A games during Allegri’s reign, and normally cruised to victories in the second half.

With Sarri, however, it’s been a different story altogether. Suddenly, Juventus have to fight hard for points against opponents they would have dominated in the past.

It’s clear the current Juventus team doesn’t have the required physicality for Sarri’s brand of football. He’s tried to fix this by experimenting with different formations, but it’s only brought mixed results.

Perhaps Sarri should instead stop changing his tactics and focus on motivating his players during this difficult period.