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Juventus wins the first match of the season vs Parma

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With a lonely goal scored by Chiellini during the first half, Juventus defeated Parma in the first match of the Serie A season.

Juventus finally started the Serie A season with a visit to Parma on Saturday, this is how Italian football officially starts.

Cristiano Ronaldo played through the 90 minutes of the match and he was just as dangerous as ever, but he wasn’t able to score his initial goal of the campaign.

The first half was the most eventful our of the two that were played at Ennio Tardini Stadium.

Juventus got the advantage with a little bit of luck thanks to Giorgio Chiellini, who found a shot from Alex Sandro and deviated it to score the goal.

A few minutes later, we saw Cristiano Ronaldo staying active and determined to score his first goal of the season.

This moment came only ten minutes before the halftime whistle, the Portuguese star received a pass from Douglas Costa and he did the rest.

With a dribble past his defender, Cristiano got to score a goal with his shot directed at the bottom corner.

However, the referee immediately started talking to the VAR room officials about a possible offside position.

This was a complete bummer for everybody at the stadium, even the Parma fans didn’t like this because they also celebrated Ronaldo’s goal.

When it was finally disallowed, Cristiano couldn’t believe it but he kept trying to score his goal for the rest of the match.

Everybody loves Ronaldo.

This moment when Ronaldo’s goal got disallowed made us realize something very interesting, all the fans in Italy feel grateful that Cristiano decided to play in Serie A.

We can only imagine how their mind reacted when they knew they could have a chance to watch one of the best players in history laying waste in Italy.

Their reaction might be surprising to a lot of fans in Spain who suffered Ronaldo during his time at Real Madrid, but Italian football fans think differently.

The state of this sport in this country was going through an extended crisis, no players wanted to go there and he was the one who changed this trend.

We previously wrote about the Ronaldo effect coming into full swing this season, we witnessed it at that moment when even Parma fans booed the referee for taking away his goal.

This minor setback didn’t stop the legend from trying to score his goal, the fans were grateful for his many efforts and kept on cheering him for it.

Juventus went to half time with that small advantage, they expected to get more goals in the second half but they didn’t know what was coming for them.

Parma proved to be a worthy opponent, they didn’t allow Juventus to score any more goals.

Only one Juventus signing makes his debut.

Goalkeeper Luigi Sepe was the absolute standout baller of the game, he made several incredible saves against all the Juventus players.

Oddly enough, you might’ve thought that many of the new Juventus arrivals would’ve made their debut on Saturday.

But only one had the chance to do it, it was none other than Adrien Rabiot. Matthijs de Ligt remained on the bench during the whole 90 minutes, whereas Aaron Ramsey wasn’t even part of the substitutes.

The French midfielder played a sober performance, he didn’t really create any danger against Parma and he wasn’t able to help them get that winning goal.

Douglas Costa got injured near the end of the match, he couldn’t continue and was replaced by Juan Cuadrado.

The final result was a complicated Juventus victory after that first-half goal from Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus proved they are still a very defensive squad but they didn’t give their new players a chance to perform.

This first result comes as good news for the club, starting the season with a victory is always great.

Their next challenge will be next weekend against SSC Napoli at Juventus’ Stadium.

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