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Kalou suspended by Hertha after ignoring training rules

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Salomon Kalou has been suspended by Hertha Berlin after a video that showed him breaking social distancing rules was posted on social media.

Kalou has been suspended by Hertha Berlin, who have expressed their disappointment at the video he uploaded.

We covered earlier today on how the 34-year-old put the Bundesliga under serious scrutiny with that act. You can watch the video here too.

Hertha have now taken further action at Kalou and have chosen to suspend the forward until further notice.

“Salomon Kalou has given the impression in his video that the Hertha BSC players do not take the social distancing and hygiene rules seriously on the part of the health authorities,” a statement on the club’s website read.

“Hertha BSC would like to state that this was the failure of a single player. The fact that other team members did not draw his attention to this misconduct and instead replied to the greeting by shaking hands shows that the regular references to the distance and hygiene rules must be even more intense.”

Hertha’s statement continued: “With his ‘Coronavirus singing’, Salomon Kalou gave the impression that he was not aware of the extent of the Corona pandemic.

“Salomon Kalou violated fundamental team internal rules and showed behaviour that is neither appropriate to the situation nor corresponds to the rules of conduct of the club. Hertha BSC has therefore decided to suspend it from training and game operations with immediate effect.”

Kalou himself offered an apology to the club and stressed that he is concerned about the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am sorry if I gave the impression that I am not taking Coronavirus seriously. I apologize for this. The opposite is the case, because I am especially worried about the people in Africa, where medical care there is nowhere near as good as in Germany,” he said.

“I didn’t really think and was happy that everyone’s tests were negative and I also want to apologize to those who appeared in the video without knowing.”