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Kean advised not to be like Balotelli

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Moise Kean has been advised by his father to not imitate the talented yet controversial striker as the Juventus youngster looks for a breakthrough season.

Moise Kean is definitely one of the most exciting players to come out of Juventus in recent years. As someone who scores goals freely for his age, Kean has an exciting future ahead of him. However, it appears that this future could lie away from Turin.

After having signed the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Pellegrini and Adrien Rabiot (almost), Juventus are now looking to bring in Matthijs de Ligt. However, in order to ensure they don’t fall on the wrong side of UEFA, Juventus need to raise money.

That will be done by letting go of a few players. One of those players could be Moise Kean. The youngster, alongside Nicolo Zaniolo were excluded from the Italy Under-21 squad against Belgium due to tardiness.

And the youngster’s father, Jean Biorou admits that his son needs to imitate the likes of Ronaldo or Messi rather than Mario Balotelli who had a lot of disciplinary issues at a very young age.

“He must grow a lot more mentally, if you are strong and do not use your head, it is all wrong. It all starts from the mind. At first I told my son not to be like Balotelli. Instead, he must imitate Ronaldo or Messi, not Balotelli,” he said while speaking to Juve News.

Mr. Kean also admitted that his son has always been a fan of Internazionale, thus hinting at a possible move if Juve decide to cash in.

“My child was a fan of Inter as a kid. He is happy with where he is and playing in Juventus. And if the team decides to hold him back, he stays, otherwise if they think of sending him away and he wants to go to Inter, we’ll see what happens.”