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Kean becomes the ideal Ronaldo replacement vs Milan

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With another important goal during Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence, striker Moise Kean places Juventus one step closer to a new Serie A title.

With Cristiano Ronaldo completely out of activity due to a recovery from an injury, the task was very complicated for Juventus players vs AC Milan and Moise Kean was the one who responded to a new Serie A challenge on Saturday.

The young Italian striker has been through hell this week after being subject of numerous deplorable demonstrations of racism, he really needed to get a little love from his fans and the ideal moment for this was against AC Milan.

Manager Massimiliano Allegri knows that he has one of the most exciting new talents in Italian football under his command, but his intention is to take him forward little by little without being too careless.

The young player’s opportunities started coming right after the international break, Allegri decided to give him Cristiano Ronaldo’s place after the Portuguese forward fell injured during the international break with Portugal and the kid has responded in an unexpected manner regardless of all the obstacles he’s found along the way.

The gaffer decided to leave him on the bench for this match, but he got his opportunity during the second half and he proved that he truly is one of this season’s revelations.

The match didn’t start well for Juventus, as Polish striker Krzysztof Piątek scored a new goal that places him right on top of the Serie A goal-scoring table net to Fabio Cuagliarella.

The Rossoneri striker is one of the most lethal strikers in the world right now, but he was playing against the most powerful squad in Italian football today.

AC Milan went to rest with that minimal advantage, with Juventus trying to think about the best possible way to get back in the game without the likes of injured Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fifteen minutes into the second half, Paulo Dybala made his appearance and got fouled inside the box.

The Argentine forward stood in front of Pepe Reina and scored the equalizer from the spot, Juventus was back in the game just like that and they really had an opportunity to get the three points because all the Milan players were starting to look tired.

Massimiliano Allegri wanted to give the rest of the squad the ideal way to make peace with Moise Kean, the player got his opportunity to get inside the pitch just six minutes after Paulo Dybala scored the equalizer.

The Argentine player left his spot to give the youngster a chance, Kean didn’t disappoint with his performance.

Moise Kean is one of those strikers who has everything in his favor, we obviously fully reject any type of discrimination against a football player inside the pitch and the brainless turds who yelled at him lacked the imagination to apply pressure.

All those supporters who insulted Kean felt the need to do it because he really is that good of a player, he proved it once again during this very important match against AC Milan.

With six minutes still left on the clock, Miralem Pjanic saw the opportunity to get the ball to Kean and the striker didn’t waste the chance by unleashing a potent shot to the bottom corner and effectively ending the Rossoneri’s dreams to win this match.

This player has now scored five consecutive goals for Juventus in the last five matches, a truly impressive feat that helps him break into the first team and gives all Juventus supporters a major hope of watching him play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo when the Portuguese forward comes back from his injury.

Massimiliano Allegri knows that he has to use Kean for the Champions League matches against Ajax, he truly is one of the best finds in European football this season as he seems to thrive through adversity.

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