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Kean believes Tottenham has run its cycle

Tottenham Hotspur
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According to the former English Premier League footballer, Tottenham Hotspur’s current team has run its cycle and needs changes.

Tottenham Hotspur played in the UEFA Champions League final last season.

The Spurs also ended in the top four of the English Premier League 2018-2019 season.

But now, the team has run its cycle, at least according to former footballer Roy Keane.

“It looks like it because there is a number of factors,” the former Manchester United captain was quoted by Football London.

“We can make excuses for clubs a lot, but I think these are key factors that seem to be affecting the players.”

He added: “Obviously the big issue is the three or four players whose contracts are running out and don’t seem to be at their best.”

“Obviously they may have already made their minds up. Clearly Tottenham isn’t going to give the wages they are after. I think there are injury problems.”

“Huge disappointment in the Champions League, players at the World Cup, these are important factors. Maybe speculation of the manager last year that he was going to leave,” he commented.

“He’s been there five or six years now. Maybe players do get fed up of listening to a certain manager.”

“Clearly a brilliant manager and I agree with Gary earlier that they have been outstanding the last three or four years. I don’t want to be too hard on them, and saying they are going back to the old Tottenham ways of there being a softness to them,” he added.

“I still think there is enough quality in their squad to turn their season around. It will take a big ask but I still think there are enough good quality players, when you have Kane up front, to get their season up and running.”