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Kean needs humility and focus to keep learning – Leonardo Bonucci

Italy Training Session And Press Conference
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Italy youngster Moise Kean dazzled spectators in last night Euro 2020 qualifier game with Finland and ever since then, has been receiving adulations and advices.

One of the advisors, Leonardo Bonucci who is his team mate in Juventus and Italy believes that even though Kean is full of greatness, he needs to be humble and focused.


“He needs to hold on to the humility and keep learning.”

The 19-year-old was on fire in Italy’s 2-0 win over Finland on Saturday evening.

“Kean is destined for greatness. He has the quality and the strength, so the only element he needs to hold on to is the humility and focus to keep learning from those around him,” Bonucci told Rai Sport as quoted by Football Italia.

Having not qualified for the 2018 World Cup, Saturday’s match was the first Italy match of 2019 and Roberto Mancini’s men gave their best to ensure a victory match.

“It was an emotional night, it was important to start on the right foot and that is what we did.

“We tried a bit too hard to get the second goal and ran some risks, but once we did score with Kean, it all became much simpler.

“There are still things to work on, but after five months apart, it was important to get back into the movements and tactics of the Nazionale.”

This season, Moise Kean has recorded 0 assists, played 577 minutes, with 2 times he played game in first line.

He is quite talented and shots an average of 0.11 goals per game in club competitions.

Last season his average was 0.17 goals per game, he scored 4 goals in 24 club matches.