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Keane “killed” Veron’s United career

Juan Sebastian Veron
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Rio Ferdinand reveals how Roy Keane killed Juan Sebastian Veron’s Manchester United career before it even began.

In a live Q&A, Rio Ferdinand was asked about a comparison between midfield genius’s Guti and Veron.

Forever, the loyalist, Ferdinand backed his old teammate Veron.

The former England defender admits Veron was genius but struggled at United. He insists there was just one person to blame for that, Roy Keane.

Ferdinand is adamant it was not that Keane did anything wrong, there could quite simply not be two bosses in the center of the field.

Via Instagram live he said:

“Veron or Guti… For the older listeners, older viewers out here, Veron. Sebastian Veron scored one of the best goals I’ve ever seen in training.”

“The little rabona thing, bang from the halfway line, the whole training session shut down, stopped.”

“He was an unbelievable player, great passer.”

“The only thing I think that killed him was Roy Keane was probably a bit more of a dominant personality and was picking the ball up in his positions.”

“You have to remember Veron came from Lazio, Parma where he was the main man.”

“The whole game went through him. He came to United, that’s what Roy Keane did.”

“Keane came and got it off the defenders, passed it through to the midfielders and attackers, and got in positions.”

“Plus he was very vocal like: ‘Yeah, give me the ball! Give me the ball!’.”

“Out of respect probably Seba just said, ‘I’ll let Roy keep doing that’. “

“But Seba was an amazing talent.”

“I honestly think without Roy Keane there he might have flourished in a Man United shirt.”

“I think Roy Keane was his problem. And it wasn’t Roy Keane’s fault, it’s just that his personality was bigger and more overpowering.”