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Keane should extend an olive branch to Arter – McCarthy

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Former Republic of Ireland national team head coach Mick McCarthy has asked Roy Keane to extend an olive branch to midfielder Harry Arter.

Arter has been out of the latest national team selection after falling out with current Assistant head coach Roy Keane and McCarthy believes Keane could do better by extending an olive branch to the 28-year-old.

“I think you have to try to get the best players on the pitch,” said McCarthy, according to Independent. “Everybody is going to scream ‘hold on, what about the 2002 World Cup when you sent Roy Keane home?’ However, I did invite him back – the offer was there. That was me knowing that it was almost like the weight of the people that wanted him back. I had to offer that olive branch.”

“I don’t want to bring that case up again because it was all dragged out during the summer when the World Cup came around. Blah, blah, blah, it was bull***t.”

“But I’m talking about having the best players on the pitch for Ireland and I don’t know what Harry’s argument was about.”

Where McCarthy doesn’t reckon Martin O’Neill and Keane need to get their act together is the case of Rice.

“Declan is a good player – I tried to sign him on loan at Ipswich Town – and I understand why he’s taking his time,” said the 59-year-old former Irish skipper, who declared through his late father Charlie.

“If Gareth Southgate has been in his earhole, saying he can come into the England team alongside the likes of John Stones and Harry Maguire, well then that’s a powerful argument.”

“Declan is not going to make it easy for himself if he decides to come back, but he’s a youngster. So let him make his decision.”