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Keepie-uppie as a basic football skill every young player should learn

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Keepie-uppie is a juggling technique in football mastering which is the first skill a young football player should learn.

Even though it is rather basic, learning how to do it properly takes a lot of time. Keepie-uppie helps to develop ball control, coordination and balance, as well as becomes a superb technique to use on the football pitch.

Here are a few things a wannabe football player should know if they want to improve their keepie-uppie skills. First, one should master the basics and spend as much time as possible perfecting one’s skills. The most reasonable thing to do is to start by bouncing the ball on one’s thigh. You will be doing a lot of repetitive exercises. However, this is the best way to achieve perfection, especially when it comes to football. If you want to go to college on a football scholarship, you need to prove that you have exceptional skills. Not everybody is born talented. Luckily, you can all necessary knowledge you require, practice a lot and achieve success in the field you are interested in. It is going to take time but it will definitely be worth it.

Another useful tip to take into consideration is to use your non-dominant foot. This way, both your feet will become equally strong. Besides, you will have more options during competitive kick-ups when you are on the football pitch. Do not forget that the key to success is to practice consistently. What is more, you should create a routine and stick to it. It is impossible to become good right away. Start by doing ten kick-ups a day and keep moving forward and increasing the number of times you are doing this exercise during your training session.

One of the most difficult things in regards to mastering the technique of keepie-uppie is to learn how to focus on your balance. You need to learn how to maintain upright posture and avoid swaying. Try standing still on one foot for as long as possible. This is the most useful thing to do when your goal is to have exceptional balancing abilities.

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