Keita tries to balance happiness with work

The Liverpool footballer talks on how difficult is to manage being in the first position of the English Premier League and to enjoy football.

Liverpool is currently the leader of the English Premier League table with 66 points.

The Reds have won 20 out of their 27 matches, drawing six times and losing only once.

And for footballer Naby Keita, this is a very difficult moment, as he and his teammates are trying to handle the pressure.

“We are footballers and we always try to be happy,” the midfielder told

“Of course we enjoy our football but when I say enjoy that doesn’t mean we’re not totally focused and concentrated on the task in hand.”

“We don’t want to get too worried about the title race or the Champions League – the coach always tells us to focus on each game as it comes and concentrate on winning each game, then we’ll see what happens afterward,” he added.

“We really want to win something this year – the players, the manager, the fans, all the team.”

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“We’re going to get to work, there’s not long to go. We’ve got another two or three months, we’re going to be totally focused on the training sessions and matches,” he commented.

“As far as I’m concerned there are no easy games in England, every match here is difficult.”

“It’s down to us to be totally focused and concentrated, it’s all about having more desire than any of our opponents, which will help us win all our games. That’s the objective we’ve all got in our minds,” Keita continued.

“Our coach is ready for that, and the players are also very determined to win every match to finish the season well.”

“We’re looking forward to the next game and to boost confidence for the supporters and increase our own confidence again, so we can finish the season well. We’re going to do everything we possibly can to win it, to get back on the right track once again,” he concluded.


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