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Kempes on what Messi needs to win the Copa America

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Argentine legend Mario Kempes, spoke in detail about what Lionel Messi needs to win the Copa America next summer: essentially better teammates.

The Copa America is right around the corner and the Argentina national team will have one more chance to win with Leo Messi on board.

There is always the fear of not getting the best version of the Barcelona star for when he plays with Argentina, we always longed for the day when he wins something with his country.

The members of the local media keep coming after him and that makes the fans have little to no hope to win anything.

However, Messi has always enjoyed the support from former Argentina players and football legends from other countries.

One of the people who are always behind his corner is Mario Kempes, the first real Argentina legend who ever lived.

The ‘Matador’ is currently one of the most prestigious pundits for ESPN and has been for years now.

During a presentation for his autobiography called ‘Matador’ in Madrid, Kempes spoke about the things Messi needs in order to win the competition.

The former striker believes that the other Argentina players are the ones who need to step up, he wants better companions for Leo Messi inside the squad.

“He knows that he has all the qualities. He is the best in the world and that is something we can’t deny, but he needs someone to play alongside him,” said Kempes via Diario Sport.

“Unfortunately, many players stopped being companions and they became friends as the call ups kept piling up.”

“Perhaps Messi didn’t feel like disrespecting a friend when he needed to yell at them on the pitch in order to wake them up.”

“I have always said that this generation was the very best I’ve ever seen. They all score goals and play for the best clubs in Europe.”

“Whether it’s ‘Pipita’ or ‘Kun’, but they forget how to score goals as soon as they come to Argentina.”

“The defenders also forgot how to head a ball or defend. Now we have a new chapter with many new faces.”

“I wish Scaloni can find a way to transform Messi into the best player in the galaxy, not just the world.”

“I hope Leo doesn’t get enough by being the best, because I think he will be the best if you get his companions to not lose their level of performance when they play for the national team.”

“If you can do that, then you at least get Messi to play in a happy place. That way he won’t have to take a corner kick and head it himself.”

“All I want is that the Copa America is good enough for Argentina to fin the squad that allows us to play the World Cup qualifiers without any concern.”

“If you don’t win the trophy next summer, the press from Argentina will criticize you.”

Messi will travel to Argentina on Tuesday.

The preparations for the upcoming Copa America have already started in Argentina, Messi won’t travel until next Tuesday.

The players who already made it to Ezeiza and started practice are Sergio Aguero, Rodrigo de Paul, Guido Rodriguez, Leandro Paredes, and Roberto Pereyra.

Diario Ole confirms that the Barcelona captain is set to travel to his country on Tuesday and possibly begin his training on Wednesday.

Pretty much all the players will be seen together for the first time until Thursday, which is when the rest of the squad travels to Ezeiza.

At least a couple of players who perform in Italy are currently resting before they also make their trip to their country.

Manager Lionel Scaloni started working with the ones he already has today.

This will be one of the last opportunities that Lionel Messi will get to win a trophy for Argentina.

Do you agree with Mario Kempes or is Messi the only responsible for Argentina not winning any trophies with him on board? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.