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Keown believes David Luiz needs defending lessons

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The Arsenal legend believes David Luiz needs “one-on-one” lessons in defending to teach the Brazilian some basic skills.

Last Saturday Liverpool defeated Arsenal 3-1 in the English Premier League.

And Gunners’ defender David Luiz tugged Mohamed Salah down in the box to award the Egyptian a penalty kick and a goal.

Then he allowed Salah to skip past him to score his second goal of the match.

Which is why Arsenal legend Martin Keown believes Luiz needs defensive lessons.

“David Luiz needs one-on-one work with a defensive coach. That is what I would do if I was on the staff at Arsenal,” Keown told Metro.

“Luiz is 32 but you are never too old to learn. When Arsenal signed the Brazilian from Chelsea, I feared it would come back to bite them. That is what happened at Anfield last week.”

He explained: “Liability Luiz gave away a cheap penalty by pulling on Mohamed Salah’s shirt. He failed to anticipate the movement of the Egyptian, then his ego caused him to tug back Salah rather than wait to see if the Liverpool man would score.”

“Later, he was made to look foolish on the wing by the same man. Luiz could not foul Salah because he had already been booked for giving away the spot-kick.”

“But he committed, he went for the ball, it was all or nothing, and he got zilch. Salah skipped by him and scored,” he added.

“Luiz dealt with that situation all wrong and this has long been a habit. When defending, you have to make yourself favorite for the ball. Stay goal-side of your opponent.”

“Don’t get too tight or over-commit. Give yourself the chance to drop off. That is what Virgil van Dijk does. Luiz didn’t and Salah exploited it,” he commented.

“As a player, I would take things like this personally. I would not want to pick up the newspaper and read about how the man I was supposed to keep quiet took me to the cleaners. I’d find that embarrassing and I’d want to improve.”