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Keown believes United is getting better

Manchester United, Premier League, Liverpool
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According to the former English Premier League footballer, Manchester United proved that it is improving by taking one point away from their Liverpool match.

Manchester United and Liverpool drew 1-1 in yesterday’s English Premier League fixture.

And for former EPL footballer Martin Keown, the Red Devils are showing signs of improvement.

“Liverpool need to learn to enjoy the situation they are in. Yes, every man and his dog may be prematurely putting a crown on your heads, but you have to embrace that,” he wrote in The Daily Mail.

“Relish the pedestal you’re being put on. Liverpool lacked that mentality yesterday. They did not turn up at Old Trafford looking like a team that had won their last 17 Premier League games. They didn’t swagger in there like champions in waiting.”

He explained: “As soon as the half-time whistle went, Jurgen Klopp sprinted down the touchline and disappeared into the tunnel. He wanted to get to his players as quickly as possible and bring the team back together.”

“All this was partly Liverpool’s own doing, but we also have to credit Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United. Their tactics confused and surprised the visitors.”

“Solskjaer used three at the back and, especially in the first half, his wing-backs played high and did not drop as much as Liverpool would have expected,” he said.

“United’s set-up meant they could apply good pressure on the ball all over the pitch before they made it more of a stop-start match in the second half.”

“It took Liverpool a while to sort themselves out but Klopp used his substitutes well and they got something out of this game. That at least suggests they can become champions,” he commented.

“Earlier on, they did not look like arriving as top dogs brought them any enjoyment, and that has to change.”