Kessie and Biglia embarrasing in Milan’s defeat

Franck Kessie and Lucas Biglia have apologized for the embarrassing brawl they created during the Milan derby.

The ugly incident took place when Kessie was substituted and seemed irritable during the second period of Milan’s 2-3 loss to Inter, so Biglia – who was unused substitute said something to him.

This ignited a furious reaction from the Ivorian, who had to be physically restrained by Ignazio Abate, Ricardo Rodriguez and Fabio Borini from attacking his teammate.

Both of them went to the media mixed zone together for a series of interviews after the game.

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“It was the adrenaline of the match situation, I was frustrated coming off and really wanted to do more. I took it out on Lucas and it was a mistake, I apologised afterwards,” Kessie told Sky Sports Italia.

“He is older than me and I should learn from him. I’m sorry.”

Biglia was standing next to him and also gave his version to the cameras.

“Franck knows what I said and we clarified the situation afterwards. We all want to win, but this is not something we should do in front of everyone. Maybe save it for the dressing room.

“We above all feel bad for this embarrassing scene, I feel ashamed of it and apologised to the lads and Coach in person. It was not what we wanted, we embarrassed the club we represent and it won’t happen again.”

Milan are back in the fourth position, two points adrift Inter in the third position with 10 games left to play.


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