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Kevin De Bruyne’s contract


Kevin De Bruyne’s staggering new contract at Manchester City will be paid in Euros due to the impact of Brexit, and he will receive multiple bonuses

According to GOAL, the midfielder’s new contract will be signed off once City and the Belgian’s agent agree on the valuation of his image rights. As far as the rest of the terms, the team and the Belgian’s agent have already agreed on, following months of talks.

The midfielder’s basic wage will be the Euro equivalent of £200,000 per week, which is currently around €230,000. If that wouldn’t be high enough, he will get multiple bonuses. For example, City want to acquire the total of De Bruyne’s image rights in exchange for a yearly lump sum. Once that agreement is made, an amount worth around £2m per year (20 per cent of his basic wage) will be added to his base salary.

Furthermore, a €10 million signing-on fee will be paid over the duration of the six-year deal, and once that and the image rights agreement is factored in, the 26-year-old’s weekly wage will be worth roughly €300,000, GOAL claims.

De Bruyne can boost his payments more, if the Belgian plays 60% of City’s matches during the season. It has been reported that he will receive around €1.37 million under his new deal. Another extra payment would come in for winning the Ballon d’Or, in which case he would get a one-time upfront payment plus an extra yearly pay rise. Those figures would be €396,000 and €735,000 respectively, in his new agreement.

In addition, De Bruyne would also receive a one-off payment of €85,000, and annual bonuses for winning the Premier League Player of the Year award, in case he managed to do so.

As far as team achievements, if his new deal comes into effect the Belgian could earn one-off payments of €905,000 for group stage qualification in the Champions League, €1.37 million for winning the CL trophy, €905,000 for winning the Premier League, €396,000 for winning the FA Cup and €169,000 for winning the Carabao Cup.