Kimmich is wary of Timo Werner’s goal-scoring skills

Ahead of the Pokal final between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig, Joshua Kimmich confirmed that he is wary of Timo Werner’s skills.

Even though Joshua Kimmich has already won the Bundesliga earlier this month, he knows that facing Timo Werner’s RB Leipzig won’t be easy.

The Pokal final will be played on Saturday between Bayern Munich and Red Bull Leipzig at Olympia Stadion in Berlin.

The Bavarian squad comes to this match knowing that they are the rival to beat, but Kimmich doesn’t want to feel overconfident about the possibilities that they have to win the trophy.

The German full-back has deep knowledge about this club because he started his career at RB Leipzig, he was already aware that this squad would eventually get promoted to the Bundesliga.

Joshua played there for two seasons before he was spotted by Pep Guardiola’s team and was signed by Bayern Munich in 2015.

There will be many mixed feelings for the defender during this match, he knows all the staff members from the squad and he still shares great memories with them.

Bayern Munich has a chance to finish the season with a double, they didn’t start the year very well but they managed to get back on their feet.

The last bump on the road will be RB Leipzig, a squad that will have Timo Werner as their most dangerous weapon.

On an interview offered to Sport Buzzer, Kimmich spoke about his past at RB Leipzig and also about Timo Werner as the major threat that Bayern Munich faces.

The German striker really is the only player from his squad who can make a difference against a club as competitive as Bayern.

“He’s incredibly fast. He is strong on his right and left foot and is also good with his head. He’s a great finisher too,” said Kimmich during the interview.

“Of course it’s a different game for us. But, in principle, a striker of Timo’s quality, who has scored about 10 to 15 goals, for two or three years consecutively can help many teams.”

“I did expect that they would rise to the Bundesliga and have an impact there although the fact that they became a top club so quickly was probably a surprise for everyone,” added Kimmich.

“The quality was certainly there though.” “We know how RB play and they know how we play,” continued Kimmich.

“Their strength is in their defending. They conceded the fewest goals in the Bundesliga. But we know that when we are at our best we can win. I assume we will have more possession and then it depends how much we let RB come into the game.”

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“We did it well in the last meeting and we need to do it again at the weekend. Then we can win.”

Timo Werner’s possible destination.

Kimmich is right to talk about the possible destinations that Timo Werner has, he has been one of the most coveted players on the transfer market since 2017.

Already as a regular for the German National Team, Werner’s future seems away from Leipzig next summer.

We still have no idea what his future holds as there are many major clubs in the continent that will try to sign him.

However, we do have a feeling that Bayern Munich will try to come after this player with everything they got because they want to uphold their transfer policy.

The best way for Bayern Munich to remain unbeatable in the Bundesliga is by buying the best players from all the other clubs.

This has worked perfectly for the Bavarians throughout history and it should work now.

Timo Werner could be a perfect addition to an already star-studded squad that is currently under reconstruction.

We will see Timo in action on Saturday, he has a perfect platform to show his skills and try to get a new contract with one of the biggest clubs in the world during the summer transfer window.

What are you expecting from Timo Werner during the Pokal final between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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