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Kirby is delighted after England’s victory

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The Lionesses advanced to the knockout stages after beating Argentina and Scotland in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The England women’s national team continues its successful campaign in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

The team started the competition with a 2-1 win over Scotland, and during the weekend they defeated Argentina 1-0.

Now they have qualified to the knockout stages, with one game left in the Group Stage.

“I think it was a really positive performance,” Fran Kirby told FIFA after their victory.

“We knew that it was going to be difficult and we knew that they were going to bank up and make it really hard for us.”

“We knew we had to stay patient and keep the ball, keep moving it and tire them out,” she added.

“The goal was going to come, we were creating chances, and ultimately we knew that one of them would end up in the back of the net.”

She continued saying: “We were just trying to suss them out, we had a chance in the first minute, so that was good and then it’s just about trying to work out your opponent, but I felt we were always in control.”

“We knew they were going to make it difficult banking up but we just kept moving the ball and then it opened up eventually.”

“I’m still learning a lot about it and obviously picking up the ball a bit deeper and trying to create things from a deeper role,” Kirby concluded.