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Klinsmann gives advice to Pulisic

Pulisic, Chelsea
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Former US national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann was also a great player back in his days.

Frank Lampard is doing a great job at the beginning of his tenure at Chelsea.

The English manager gave a chance to youth players, who in return starting bagging goals match in and match out.

However, an unexpected expulsion was the one of Pulisic, who only played 277 minutes in Chelsea shirt this season.

Pulisic’s situation won’t get better with the return of Callum Hudson-Odoi, a talented winger with a big new contract signed recently.

Support for Pulisic is coming everywhere from the American public, including the German manager who managed the American national team, Jurgen Klinsmann.

Klinsmann spoke to ESPN, offering advice to Pulisic, saying:

“You never know it’s the right fit unless you do it.

“Christian did well to say: ‘I’m going to throw myself in another cold water, go over to London and throw myself in the Premier League, and I have to fight through the system there’. So that’s what he’s in.

“He’s a very special player, he’s tremendously talented, but this is a big step, because Borussia Dortmund was also basically the club where he got formed into a professional player.

“He came out of the youth system there, he moved himself up, he had all the support within the club and now going to London – also to one of the biggest clubs in the world – you’ve got to bring your elbows out.”

When Klinsmann was asked if Pulisic can make it in London, the German didn’t hesitate:

“Can he do it? Yes, absolutely he can do it, but you need to be patient, too, sometimes you forget he’s a very young player.

“You’re basically in a daily competition. Maybe in Dortmund he knew: ‘I established myself already within the club to be a very special player. I get my minutes in, I get my games in, I’m a starter most of the time’.

“You don’t have that automatic assurance at Chelsea. At Chelsea it goes from game to game, week to week. You’re basically in training and you have to tell the coach: ‘I’m in, I’m going to start this game’. So it’s a little bit more cold, it’s a bit more nasty.

“What I mean with the elbows is that you have to become nasty in order to make yourself a starter.”

Pulisic obviously has a lot of work in front of him, and even though it will be hard, the American star should be able to make his way to the top at Chelsea.