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Klopp couldn’t stop crying after Liverpool’s title win

Jurgen Klopp, Premier League, Liverpool
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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp reveals his emotions were all over the place when the Reds were crowned Premier League champions in June.

Jurgen Klopp lead the Liverpool team to perhaps one of their most important title triumphs in ages.

After a 30-year wait for a domestic crown, the Reds ended the wait in style as they won the Premier League with seven games to spare. It was the earliest any English side has ever been crowned champions.

On the night where Liverpool were to be mathematically crowned champions, Jurgen Klopp and his men were not even in action that evening.

The Reds had Chelsea to thank for defeating Manchester City by a 2-1 scoreline that sealed the title for them beyond reach.

During the final moments of that game, Klopp revealed he called his family so he could share the moment with them and they could all bask in the euphoria of victory.

And on that night, there were lots of tears from a proud Jurgen Klopp.

“Counting the minutes, it was just incredible and absolutely one of the best football moments I’ve ever had in my life with not being in a stadium,” Klopp explains in LFCTV’s ‘Golden Sky: Klopp’s Champions’ documentary.

“Because we were there together you could see each face. Players were sitting there, some couldn’t really watch it and stuff like this. We were all like this and it was absolutely exceptional.”

“You have no idea how it will feel before it happens. It was pure joy! Massive relief in the next second and then I started crying. So I went and called Ulla [his wife].”

Still lots and lots of tears from Jurgen Klopp.

“I called my family 10 seconds before the end of the game so they watched it together. I said, ‘OK, I love you all’ and I put the phone down on the table. I said, ‘Leave your phone on so you can see what happens here!”

“Then I wanted to speak to Ulla and couldn’t. I had her on the phone but I just was crying. I didn’t know why it happened. I had no idea. I was proud of and I was worried about [it], but I couldn’t stop. I have never in my life had a situation when I just couldn’t stop crying.”

“I didn’t know exactly why, so I just went for a few minutes in my room because I didn’t want to show everybody when I was stood around there and couldn’t stop crying.”