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Klopp hints at the return of Lovren

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has dropped the hint on Dejan Lovren’s return to the squad following a short training camp in Dubai.

Reports from Liverpoolfc.com confirmed the absence of Van Dijk and Fabinho from training due to illness though it’s noted to be a minor lay-off.

However, Klopp revealed Dejan is getting back to fitness as he participated in the training session ahead of the Anfield clash against Leicester City.

“Dejan is important. How it looks at the moment, we came through our centre-half ‘crisis’ at least.

“The boys did brilliant, but of course Dej, before he got injured, was in fantastic shape. It was not too long obviously, which is good. Joel, thank God, is back.

“He was in fantastic shape before he got injured and now showed already again that he is still the same player, that’s good and hopefully it stays like this. It’s very important.

“[A couple of players] are ill. So, that’s the weather change, little things. No, it’s nothing we have to be too concerned about.”

The Reds boss equally claimed it’d take some time for the squad to reap the benefits of their warm-weather training in Dubai.

He explained: “We will see [how important it was]. We had the opportunity to do it and that’s why we did it. As it always is – and as it is for all of us – December [is] the most intense month with then the start of January immediately [is the same].

“Usually, like we saw last night with Chelsea and Tottenham and the day before that City played and now at the weekend again, it’s a very tough period. We tried to do it [training camp] to try to bring them all on one level, or a similar level again, because we had a few players who played pretty much all of the time and a few players who didn’t play that much or were injured.

“We used these four days for that and that worked out pretty well. Of course, we have to see in the end what we can take from it.”