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Klopp names ‘massively helpful’ player

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool, Premier League
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Jurgen Klopp feels he has a player on whom he can rely on in urgent state of affairs


Just as Liverpool fans were looking to settle for a draw against Aston Villa, Sadio Mane scored just before the full-time mark.

Jurgen Klopp’s men were able to narrowly avoid defeat. The German manager couldn’t help but praise the ‘monster mentality’ of his squad.

Jurgen Klopp feels that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the player he can rely on when he needs to turn the tie in his favor.

“We made it difficult for ourselves. We started playing football good but not exactly like we should have done.” Klopp told Liverpoolfc.com.

“Ox helps massively with situations like that. We brought Sadio to the right side, Ox left in the half-space, opening the space for Robbo then going inside. That was really good.

“I think, of course, it is lucky when you score these goals but I think if you watch the game, then I think if one team deserved to win it then it is us.



“But I can imagine how bad Aston Villa feel because with all they did today they would have deserved something, but that’s how it is sometimes,” continued Klopp.

“I didn’t like the body language in the first half, that’s exactly how it is. We were not like warriors, we were like players.

“That’s OK, we have to play. But at the end, you have to win the ball back. That’s what I said, with 10 minutes.

“Of course, we lost balls, had one counter-press which the impulse was right, three players there but they came out,” Klopp added.

“It can happen because you cannot be 100 percent successful with counter-press.

“On the other side, we were really being here, being there but don’t finish the situation off.

“I don’t know how long it took until we shot the first time from distance, maybe it was Ox, I am not sure – that would then mean 60 minutes, that’s quite a time.

“Body language is massively important.”