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Klopp on Liverpool promise as trophy hunt continues

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Jurgen Klopp is happy with Liverpool’s current position as he nears a self-imposed trophy deadline at Liverpool.

The Reds last won a silverware in 2012 but came close to winning trophies in the last few seasons under Klopp including last summer’s 3-1 Champions League loss to Madrid in Kiev.

The German coach made a vow upon his appointment in 2015. “If we sit here in four years, I think we win one title. If not, the next one [for me] may be in Switzerland,” Klopp said via the Telegraph.

The fact that it was Klopp who volunteered this reminder is a reflection of how secure his position is, regardless of whether this year’s Premier League and Champions League bids yield reward.

“A lot of people reminded me when I came here and signed a four-year contract that in four years we probably would have won something. It didn’t happen yet,” Klopp conceded ahead of tomorrow’s trip to Cardiff.

“The position we are now in, I am really happy with. Not that it is the final position we want to be, but the awareness from outside of the club – where we are, second time in Champions League semi-final – that is really special.

“It is not where we want to be at the end. We want to improve. Our problem is the other teams do not sleep and have made a lot of good decisions as well.”

Those previous failures would be erased from the memories of Kopites if the Reds end up securing a famous double come the end of the campaign.