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Klopp praises Lallana after his goal

Jurgen Klopp, Adam Lallana, Liverpool, Premier League
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According to Jurgen Klopp, Adam Lallana’s goal against Manchester United was a “wonderful story” because they were able to get one point from the match.

Liverpool’s Adam Lallana scored a late goal to give the Reds a 1-1 draw with Manchester United on the weekend.

And according to his coach Jurgen Klopp, it was all part of a “wonderful story.”

“A wonderful story. A wonderful, wonderful, wonderful story,” the German coach told Goal.

“This weekend we had a long talk in general about our situation, and he is completely relaxed and fine and knows how difficult it is at the moment to come into the team.”

“But he just trains well and he deserved that; it was 25-30 minutes and he had a proper impact,” he added.

“Then scoring a goal… wow! That was really, really nice.”

“Then the heart rate went up a bit because VAR was involved – but he said he knew it would not be offside, so that was all fine,” he commented.

“A wonderful story. A wonderful, wonderful story.”

“It would have been a better story if somebody would have scored a second one, but now we have to take that,” Klopp concluded.