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Klopp reflects on Liverpool’s great year before Boxing Day

Klopp, Liverpool
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Ahead of Liverpool’s Boxing Day match against Leicester City, Jurgen Klopp took some time to reflect on an incredible year. 

It’s safe to say that Liverpool had the most incredible year during the modern era, Jurgen Klopp wanted to reflect on it.

This 2019 full year was filled with incredible moments for the Reds, they dominated in most of their competitions.

This year even improves what Rafael Benitez did with the squad in 2005, as Liverpool is one of the most complete rosters in the world today.

All of this happened due to Jurgen Klopp’s capabilities as a manager. But the German coach never wants to take credit for himself, he will always put the players first.

During the press conference ahead of Boxing Day’s match against Leicester City, the gaffer reflected on everything the Reds accomplished in 2019. 

Jurgen’s Christmas message to the Liverpool fans. 

“It is, naturally, a time to briefly reflect on an incredible year for these boys, this club and, of course, our supporters,” Klopp wrote in a message to fans on the club’s official website.

“I think you know me well enough by now, I am not a guy for looking back, not when there is work to do. But how can I ignore what we have all experienced in this year?

“I have just one word for it: wow. “I am so proud of many things. Of course, firstly for everyone to have the chance to celebrate Liverpool being trophy winners once again.

“For as long as I live, I will never forget that night in Madrid and the following day in Liverpool as we brought the Champions League home. I remember I once said the city would ‘explode’ when we won a trophy, but I think I even may have underestimated it a bit. Those scenes…I cannot even think of them now without getting goose bumps.

“That day, you made us go through every kind of emotion and when I looked people in the eye from up on that bus, it reinforced what I’ve known since October 8, 2015 – I am the luckiest man alive to be a part of this football club, a part of this special family.

“That we were also able to follow the Champions League up with two more trophies, the Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup, as well as producing week after week in the Premier League, says everything about these boys.

“Seriously, I could not be any prouder than I am to be the manager of these players.

“I have called them the ‘mentality monsters’ at various points throughout 2019 because they keep delivering, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the odds.

“Of course, this was never truer than that night against Barcelona at Anfield when they went beyond 100 per cent, they pushed themselves to their absolute maximum and then more, and delivered something special.”