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Klopp reveals a bender he had after winning the Bundesliga

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German manager Jurgen Klopp told a hilarious story about the bander he had after the first time he won the Bundesliga with Dortmund.

To those who know Jurgen Klopp from his Bundesliga days, are very aware of the wild success he enjoyed when he coached Borussia Dortmund.

People from Liverpool sure got to know how lively this manager can be when his players are winning a game, but he can get pretty wild when they win trophies.

Jurgen’s bubbly personality has been well-documented since those days, he currently is a lot more reserved compared to the first years in which he met success.

In fact, the first time he won the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund was quite crazy during the celebrations.

Klopp was spotted celebrating with massive glasses of beer right after his squad won the title, but we didn’t know more details about this wild night.

Imagine going on a bender that was so legendary, you wake up on the next day at a house that you don’t know and not remembering anything that happened the night before.

That’s how hardcore Jurgen Klopp got during his celebrations after winning his first Bundesliga, but we can’t blame him for having a little fun after reaching such an important milestone in his professional career.

After that first moment of success, Klopp went on to become one of the best managers in the world.

“I was really wasted which may have been noticeable in some interviews,” said Jurgen to Amazon Prime.

“And I don’t remember much that makes any sense. I do remember one thing.”

“I’m not sure if I ever told anyone. I actually woke up on a truck in the garage. All alone. I remember that, but I have no idea about the hours before that.”

“I woke up, climbed out of the truck and found myself in a big factory hall. Then I walked across the yard and saw the silhouette of a man.”

“So I whistled because I can whistle quite loudly and I noticed the silhouette slowed down a little. So I waited and saw Aki Watzke (Hans-Joachim Watzke, Borussia Dortmund CEO). So Aki and I were the only people on this huge yard.”

“Aki held up an old Mercedes on the road,” Klopp added.

“It was a Turkish fella in a station wagon. And Aki says ‘Take us to the Italian’. ‘No I won’t drive you there’.”

So Aki reaches into his pocket, finds 200 euros and says ‘You will.’ He sees the money, ‘OK’.”

“Aki sits in the front, I sit back. I kept slamming my head into the side, I was a little tired. And I kept hearing ‘cluck, cluck, cluck’”

“What’s going on here? I thought I dreamed it. But I didn’t. The trunk was full of chickens.”

Jurgen took that same personality to Liverpool.

The most important aspect of this story is to highlight the personality that this German manager has, he never changed despite all the success he’s had over the years.

Even in the face of defeat, Klopp still likes to watch the glass half full. The best example of this was right after the 2018 Champions League final against Real Madrid, the one in which Liverpool lost against Los Blancos.

far from feeling down after losing the match, Jurgen was recorded celebrating with some Liverpool fans and singing about going back to the final for the next season.

We all know how that ended in June, Jurgen remains positive and everything tends to manifest in his favor.

We can’t imagine how crazy things could get if the coach gets to win Liverpool’s first Premier League title in history.

It would be a historic moment that should get a proper celebration from the manager.

Perhaps this time he wakes up on the other side of the world next to a stranger, nobody would blame him for it.

We love having a manager like Jurgen Klopp around, he brings a very different energy to this beautiful sport because he is a man of the people.

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