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Klopp says Liverpool don’t focus on winning the league

Jurgen Klopp
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Jurgen Klopp has claimed that his team is not concerned about the title race.

After their last match against City at Anfield, Liverpool further strengthened their grip at the top of the table. The Reds last won a league title in the 1989-90 season. If things go as planned, Liverpool will finally lift their long-awaited Premier League title this year.

But manager Jurgen Klopp insists that his team is not focusing on ending the 29-year old wait. The German said that he is tired of being asked about the title race. According to Independent, Klopp told that Liverpool’s focus remains on winning as many games as possible.

“We don’t think about the title race. The biggest challenge for us is constantly facing questions about it,” the Liverpool manager said.

“After that it is completely normal season. We never made it the season where we have to [win the league].

“We play as good as we can, try to get as many points as we can and the challenges are the 26 games we have to play – and the next one is Crystal Palace,” Jurgen Klopp said.

“These challenges are big enough so we don’t need any others and we don’t think about anything else.”